are there any known graffx issues wih the new update ?

hi !
just updated to v6.5… clean install and no plugins .
i was just learning my way arround and wanted to enter my key coms… thought id check the standards first
But low and behold i have nothing on F12… the standard is vst\asio load status…
all that happens is the window for cubase gets slightly bigger or smaller when F12 is pressed.
i have assigned this command to another target window and the same thing.
its not that important but would be nice to know whats going on ?
my system is windows 7 32 bit and enough ram for windows to max out ie 4gb…(3.5 blah blah blah).
i have a double headed radion with twin monitors… all worked fine with five and 6.0 even 6.4…

thanks all !
happy new year to all mods and steinberg staff keep up the great work you do.
hi chris ! see you in a week in HH

Hello Tony,

It looks that the performance meter is “out of range” of your screen. Please have a look if you see scroll bars popping up when you press F12 or change your screen resolution.

Similar problem here


Chris (missed you FB message. To much messages at the moment)