Are there any major Cubase bugs/ problems that also exist in Nuendo?


It looks like I can get Nuendo for $250US since I own c12 Pro, if I understand the attached correctly.

I think I’ve read in passing recently that at least some of the Cubase bugs/ problems don’t exist in Nuendo.

I’d consider working in Nuendo instead of Cubase if that were true to a large enough extent.

Does anyone have a sense for whether this might be a good idea (cost aside, “I have been a fool for lesser things”)?

Thanks for any thoughts!

Since it is the same code bugs that are in Cubase and affect the same features that are present in Nuendo (to my current knowledge that is all of them) will also be in Nuendo.


Cubase and Nuendo supposedly share the same code base.

Tempting as it may seem, unless you’re likely to use the additional features in Nuendo, it probably makes little sense, as you would have higher update costs.

On the other hand, perhaps the post crowd get more attention, but if so, the focus is likely to be less on music creation features/bugs, and more on post features/bugs. It reminds me a bit of a quote that went something like “money can’t buy you love, but you get to look for it in much better places”.

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Ah, OK, thanks.

I thought maybe I’d read the VCA problems didn’t exist in Nuendo, so I got to thinking …


VCA is using different concept in Cubase and Nuendo.

I would recommend you to download Nuendo Trial, you can test it at your system with the features you are using.

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I don’t own Nuendo but fear it would be much more ‘heavy’ to deal with than Cubase, due to video management ?
Is it worth the move, driving a more complex tool just to have less bugs, which is not a certitude.
Have someone just made this move ?
Further, as pointed here, the new versions update will be more expensive for Nuendo than Cubase.
Could we buy this upgrade and benefit for the grace period on it, not installing it until next version ?

Like Martin wrote I too think the fundamental concept is a bit different. Having said that though best practice is still to use automation nodes by default on tracks before using VCAs. Martin’s suggestion to just download and try the demo is good advice.