Are there any major show stoppers in 9.5 for PC?

I never upgraded from 9.0. There are a couple of minor things I wouldn’t mind having and the upgrade is only $60, so I thought I might give it a try while I wait for the upcoming initial release of 10 to be patched and settle down.

I know there will always be environments here and there that have specific problems but I was wondering if there were any significant issues that affected a large number of people. For instance, I noticed a post that the .40 patch broke the Media Bay. More importantly, there’s a new video engine and while I don’t do video, that subsystem has often been the source of problems for Cubase even without video stuff running. Similar concerns with the new 64 bit engine.

I generally don’t experience a lot of problems in my environments with new Cubase versions but thought I’d err on the side of caution. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

By the way, I did first try to search the forums for “9.5” but it wouldn’t let me…

I assume you’ve seen this:

The other to thing to bear in mind is that version 10 is right round the corner which means you’ll probably get a free upgrade to that if you buy now. Similarly if version 10 is really about to be be released you need to get a move on or version 9.5 won’t be available without paying the upgrade from 9 to 10…

The release date of 10 is pure conjecture though, history suggests it will be within the next few weeks and some even to think tomorrow but we’re all just guessing!

Yeah, thanks. I’m aware of the new features, was just interested in whether or not it was a problematic release since that can happen sometimes.

Good advice!

As ever there have been some users who’ve had problems but I would say I’ve seen fewer problems arising in the Forum with 9.5 than previous versions… most (but not all) are now sorted. I was an early adopter of 9.5 and haven’t had any major issues. The small ones I have had were sorted out in the early dot releases.

Thanks, Nic.

I usually have good luck with the releases as well but due diligence and all that.

So after checking things out here yesterday, I went ahead and ordered. 9.5. Today 10 came out.

When I entered the 9.5 activation code, the eLicenser automatically upgraded it to 10. Fortuitous timing, apparently. I’ll take the win! :slight_smile:

Cutting it fine…or perfect timing! Happy for you either way. :slight_smile: