Are there any MIDI Device Panel gurus here?


So I am just building some new panels for a few new analogue synths and I was wondering if anyone can help me with a question.
I have built quite a few basic panels before to send CC messages but have never been happy with my approach to multiple position switches.

For example I have a Minilogue XD, it has quite a few 3 position switches and because the three CC values have to be 0, 64 or 127 my current way of dealing with this would be to use a fader that you move to the bottom, middle or top to select from the three options.

On my Bass Station 2 the CC values for a 3 position switch would be 0, 1 and 2 meaning I can set the value range from 0 to 2 and the fader then becomes a 3 position switch, this doesnt work on the Minilogue as the switches use the full range from 0 to 127 to represent the three positions so you have a sliding switch that you just have to get to the right place to change the settings on the synth.

Is there a better way to tackle this? I am wondering if there is a way of writing a sysex message that would allow me set the value range from 0 to 2 and have 0 send a value of 0, 1 to send a value of 64 and 2 to send a value of 127, thus giving me a 3 position switch that is sending the full range of CC values.

I am currently re-reading the Midi Devices manual and actually reading the sysex section.

Thanks for any help with this.

Have you finished your minilogue xd panel? I would be very interested in testing it.

Hello there…

In Cubase, we can only limit the range of a controller value, but not specify non-consequutive values. As a workaround I recommend to

  1. Program first On/Off switch with value 0.
  2. Program second switch with value 64
  3. Program thrid switch with value 127.
  4. Accomodate them to occupy the least space possible.

See images.

Hope this helps.
Another option: Program a VST2 plugin with CTRLR ( ,free software). Needs some learning though.

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