Are there any MIXING TUTORIALS available on Nuage?

Back in early 2017, Poll Sound did a series of Tutorials demonstrating Nuage features. There were 19 YouTube videos in all, with the pinnacle being 18 and 19 “Building a Mix (Parts 1 & 2).” In those video they took you step by step what it would be like to have the files shipped to you and then to have them imported into a project and then mix the song. Sadly, those videos are no longer posted on YouTube.

I was wondering if anybody else has done any similar videos, particularly for post. I’ve seen ALL of the Ashley Sheppard Course videos. Those are all instructive on how to do any particular Nuage feature. But I would love to see a video of a Post project where the discussion is on the work, not the gear and you could watch the engineer just USE NUAGE IN REAL TIME, thus allowing the viewer to see it being put through it’s paces.

Euphonix had a similar 6 part video series.

Is there anything similar available for Nuage? If not, I wonder if Fredo or John McClain would be willing to post a short video like that. Would anybody else be interested in seeing something like that?

How did you manage to miss the Yamaha series?
49 episodes.

Thumbs up Erik.

You didn’t read my post. I said that I saw ALL OF THE ASHLEY SHEPPARD COURSE VIDEOS!
That’s not what I talking about! All of those videos are instructional snippets. That’s why I posted the Euphonix video to specifically make the distinction!

Sorry. No I didn’t get that even though it clearly said you saw them. Strange as I did read your post.

I doubt you will find what you are looking for as I would think only schools can create that type of materai, and schools are likely to limit that type of material to their pupils and not give it away freely. Us regular mixers won’t be able to for obvious copyright reasons.

Perhaps Ashley could do another session while actually mixing the short film. Although I really doubt it’s usefulness to be honest.