Are there any plans to fix the problems in dorico iPad

Are there any plans to fix the problems dorico iPad has regarding saving files to iCloud and within the iPad itself?

I find the following quite hopeless and annoying:

1.-Not having the option to “save to files” the files (.dorico)

2.-Not having direct access in the iPad files app to dorico files created in dorico iPad, according to the address that appears in the dorico iPad hub is some hidden iCloud folder.

3.- Midi and xml files are generated in the dorico hub impossible to delete, these are generated when exporting a midi or xml file from dorico iPad.

Martin, I understand you’re frustrated about these issues, but you have already discussed them at length in other threads, and I have reassured you that we are looking into them. Please be patient, and I will provide you with an update on each issue as soon as I have one to offer.

I am going to close this thread: any further discussion can return to the original threads in which these issues are already discussed.

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