Are there any recording studios in LA that support Nuendo?

I’m in Los Angeles and I’m searching for recording studios and/or post production studios that are available for rent and support Nuendo. It’s rather hard to find. Any leads? Thanks.



You probably won’t find many advertising it is my guess. Perhaps it might make sense to just call them up and ask. And if you have enough paid work for them I’d guess they might be willing to just install it.

One studio I worked for in NYC always advertised as Pro Tools (or didn’t mention it at all) and I installed Nuendo there and the owner doesn’t care if I use it or something else so it’s there (my license). But if nobody asks him about it nobody will know.


I didn’t know some studios would be that open to just installing new software. I will ask. They definitely don’t advertise it around here. In fact, I’ve seen a studio advertising FL Studio but not Nuendo.

I’m sure it depends. Some will probably just say “no” because it isn’t worth it, others might be open to it. I mean, if they can install FL Studio then Nuendo should be possible… ? :crazy_face: