Are there any uses for Track instruments multi outs??

Hi there all & at Steinberg,

Are there any uses for the multiple outs for track instruments apart from if you are using a drum machine or something that has lots of different samples spread across one keyboard??

If there are I still can’t work it out.

I’ve watched videos, read the manual about multitimbral use & been on countless forums & i still don’t understand the point.

Why can’t you just open another track instrument & use the same multitimbral synth or sampler & just choose one of its outputs & then when you choose that track in your arrange window it directs to that instrument channel & outputs on the mixer without going to the midi channel first, I just don’t get it :confused:

Maybe i’m missing something & I probably am!

Please someone if you have the answers for me or a comment please post, i’d love to know the answer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards, Codsworth :slight_smile:

Track instrument has one midi input from its own track and many inputs from other midi tracks.
Track instrument has multiple outputs, but all on the same track.

I wanted to request a feature that would let you route the output of a multitimbral instrument to the instrument track audio, as it is not the case today.
A simple UI for this would be dragging the output from one instrument to another, “empty” instrument track. One more step towards unified tracks.
So that instead of MIDI and instrument, you could just have the MIDI on the track, routed to “somewhere” and then routed from “somewhere” back to the audio of the track, if at all. Surely, people could make a mess and set the outputs incorrectly (midi 1 → vsti → audio 2 etc), but for people who understand the program, it would be great.