Are there expression maps for VSL SE?

I have VSL SE, not a very expensive library, but it would be nice to be able to use it.
I was wondering if there are any maps / technique lists (or whatever they’re called, sorry, the right words elude me right now) for this library?

Hi Michael, VSL provides playback templates for the newer synchronized versions of the SE Libraries. I think the upgrade cost is reasonable (and they’re on sale this month).

There’s a company called Symphonic Riot that makes templates for the VI series, but I don’t think they do the SE libraries.


Log into your MyVSL and look in your MyDownloads. Select the “Notation” option, and you will see an downloadable installer for “VSL for Dorico.” Run it. Then in Dorico you will have all their existing expression maps installed . Keep your version of “VSL For Dorico” current by checking your downloads for occasional updates.

I have NO idea where on Earth that could be.
I don’t seem to have anything on my computer called “MyVSL”.
I can’t even find the dongle thingy software to see if it’s up to date.
Vienna installs so much stuff, I have like a dozen things that are either “Vienna” or “VSL”.
Right now I’m feeling like a complete computer noob. And normally I’m NOT.

VSl for Dorico is only for the Synchron/ized libraries. For the older VI version there are only maps for Cubase, that can be imported in Dorico and easily adapted.

An alternative way is to upgrade the old SE libraries to the new Synchronized ones, now on offer. These will have dedicated expression maps embedded in Dorico (after running the VSL for Dorico program).


Ah yes, Paolo. I failed to notice he was talking about the VI version. Thanks.

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Michel, I was wrong and Paolo is correct that if you have the VI version of the Special Editions there are no expression maps freely provided by VSL. Your only choice there would be to, as Paolo said, crossgrade to the Synchron-ized version.

Regarding your MyVSL and MyDownloads, those are on the VSL website. You must have an account login and be logged in to access them.

Here is the link: VSL - MyDownloads

MyVSL is here


If you go to the product page and look at the Synchonized SE libraries you’ll see the price available to you as an owner of the VI version.

for the Special Edition, it’s certainly easier to use the second generation Synchron-ized ones from the point of view of getting Expression Map support for them, not only from VSL but also users here including my own. As @Paolo_T has said, there is a special offer on crossgrades from the VI versions if that’s what you have which cost next to nothing and you get a very nice piano (and perhaps other instruments, depending on what exactly you have at the moment) completely free if you do so.

There are those who still prefer the old VI versions – I don’t-- but you’ll be much more on your own if you take that path.

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how would I know if what I have is the “VI” version?

all I can tell is it says VSL SE.

is there any place in the program that says “about” where this might be mentioned?

I suggest you load an instrument and then have look at the two screenshots below. If it looks like the first one (for violins), you have the synchron version

if it looks like the second one below, you have the older VI or Vienna Instruments version

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I have the SE version (which is what it says), and the player is the Vienna instruments player, as in your 2nd image.

So I guess that means the “VI version”?

Yes, that’s correct

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When I go to the website and log in, and check what’s available, it’s far too confusing, with 20 version of this and that, all at different prices.

I have a relatively basic VSL SE, it has strings, woodwinds, brass, keyboards, mallets, and percussion.
I KNOW it didn’t cost anywhere near 5,000 euros.

So which “synchron” library is the one that I can upgrade to without having to mortgage my country?

Follow the link I posted above. That will get you here:

You probably have Volume 1

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if you only have volume 1 “Essential Orchestra” without the “Plus”, then your upgrade to the Synchronizes version costs €30 (in my view the piano is worth far more than that alone). If you also have the “Vol 1 Plus” then you can upgrade that for €23. Make sure you’re logged in of course and and these should be the prices which are shown.

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And yes, the VSL website and product line can be VERY confusing!.

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is it worth paying a bit more and getting the Volume 1 Plus, version? It says it has various trills and artificial harmonics, which I assumed were in the volume 1 version I already had (SE).

I don’t know the details of what’s induced (someone will probably jump in), but the the sale lasts all month, so you can always add as needed.

If you decide to buy, be sure to download and install the latest version of the VSL Download manager first (again from MyVSL). That will handle the download and installation of whatever you chose to buy. Since you have Dorico, you must already have a current version of the eLicencer software. You will need the USB dongle (eLicencer) for VSL licenses.

now something weird happened!
before when I went, it said my price for the Synchronized version, volume 1, was 30 euros.
now all of a sudden it changed to 189 euros.