Are there KC's for Surround Controls?

Can anyone tell me where the surround controls folder is? As it is clear that getting a working joystick isn’t going to be possible and I will have to use the encoders on my MC Control to hand that task, I’d like to make it at least as efficient as it can be. I have to page over to any 8 controls at a time. For some reason, page 2 is blank! :astonished: So, My controls are on page 1 & pages 3 to 5.

My hope is to find the controls and map them to page 2, so that I’d have a contiguous flow. Failing that, I could map the functions to KC’s on my X-keys module and have a constant 1 to 1 set up for instant access. Is this possible? :question:

So, does zero replies automatically mean the answer is “No?” Are these questions unreasonable?

Wish I could help you… Try n8 section?

Why would that make a difference. With as much shade as N8 is getting, aren’t most of those in the know still over here? :laughing:

Thanks anyway.