Are there more dificulties ind Cubase 64 bit on MAC


Using the Cubase 64-bit version on Mac OS X 10.6

Cubase will start as 32-bit application by default. If you want to start Cubase as 64-bit version, select the Cubase application icon and then choose “Get Info” from the context menu. In the Get Info window un-check “Open in 32-bit mode”. By using Cubase in 64-bit mode, the following features are not available:

OMF Import and Export: Start Cubase in 32-bit mode if you need to import/export OMF files.
Print functions: Use the “Export Scores” function from the menu >File >Export instead and then print the output file with e.g. Preview included in Mac OS X or start Cubase in 32-bit mode if you need to print scores.
MP3 Import and Export: Start Cubase in 32-bit mode if you need to import/export MP3 files.
ReWire support: Start Cubase in 32-bit mode if you need to work with ReWire applications.
PowerPC plug-ins incl. “Tonic”, “Embracer” and “Monologue” are only available when using Cubase in 32-bit mode.

Are there more problems with the 64bit version on a MAC?
And is there something similar to the Jbridge on Windows`?

Greetz Bassbase

There is now Jbridge for Mac.

Find it here:


I am on the latest lion, just recently went to cubase 64 and Lion 64. so far its been pretty flawless. i actually havent seen anything really different

although i did notice that cubase loading times and screen loading times sometimes got really slow. like you could see the track names etc loading and scrolling down thru the tracks doing so when i closed one project sand opened another.

loading cubase itself also seems to take longer

not sure if this is from 64 and 64 ? i am literally 2 weeks into it vs YEARS on 10.6.x 32 bit both

i am on an old mac pro 2009 2.8 octo with 16 gigs rams

Also, as regards Rewire, so long as you have the latest Rewire Bundle (v1.8.1) it runs in 64-bit (but, same as for PC, only with 64-bit Rewired applications).

Nice to hear that 64bit rewired to reason 6 works then flawlesly right? Im turning 64bit when the new mpb comes out.