Are there plans to add visual note transcription (or other) feedback of Realtime MIDI recording AS we record?

I ask because I’ve encountered a couple of times now a bug where I enable record and record a large passage, only to have it NOT record anything afterwards. For this reason (and just for intuitive/musical reasons), it would be helpful if - as I record the data - I actually SAW the notes going in in some fashion, AS I recorded, rather than having to wait until the end to see if it “stuck”, and otherwise seeing a blank staff as I play notes (just my two cents but curious anyone’s thoughts, and if this is on the “future feature” list :slight_smile:)…

  • D.D.

If you’re in play mode then you will see live feedback as you record. We don’t yet have the ability to show it in write mode though, but hopefully will at some point.

I hadn’t thought about trying to record in Play Mode for the purposes of seeing visual feedback as a play (but I may do this – thanks). But yes, I was referring to having visual feedback in Write Mode since it feels strange to be looking at a blank screen as I record (so I’m happy you are considering this for the future).

Almost 25 years ago, Mark Of The Unicorn’s FREESTYLE sequencer had this capability. It even had (has) the headroom to go back and update the notation as it records. I highly recommend anyone with a vintage Mac or Pc to treat themselves to this amazing piece of software. There used to be a demo of it online. IIRC the engine also found its way into the last version of Composer’s Mosaic, although I never tried that myself.