Are there supposed to be Halion 5 presets in Mediabay?

Hi peoples.

I bought Halion 4 new. I activated the license and got the grace period license upgrade, and I got the link to download the Halion 5 update.

Both installers worked without reporting errors.

In the Mediabay I expected to see a category for Halion 5 presets, but I do not. (I see Halion 4 though)

There are some track presets (among others) in the “Extras” folder of the Halion 5 update installer download, but these track presets are not present in mediabay. Do I have to manually place them?

I have rescanned, and then I moved mediabay3.db and scannedFolders3.bin out of the prefs folder, same result.

Should I be seeing these new presets?

I could be wrong but I think the new presets that came with version 5 are tagged with the name of the new instruments they belong to: Auron, BBox, Trium, Voltage and so forth.

Well done, this looks correct. :slight_smile: Doing a search on Voltage, etc. shows the new presets, but the plugin name shows as Halion Sonic. The library name is given as Voltage, etc. in the Attribute Inspector.