are there videos of Yamaha/ steiny NY Amsterdam AES show ?

did steiny or other site released videos of steiny latest AES shows ? NY and Amsterdam … cant find any info on this

You could start with Sound On Sound’s AES coverage – here’s one on the Nuage. You can click on their channel from there but I’m not sure yet if there’s anything Steinberg-specific yet; they do keep adding content though, so check back.

Aloha M,

Tanx for the post.

o.56 seconds am I seeing things right here , wave forms in the faders in the mixing consul ???

is the 14th the day we see these wave forms in the mixer look at 0.56 seconds and you will see something completely new . WAVE FORMS IN THE CONSULE :wink:

its only nuendo feature :wink:

Is it ? oohh ok , ive never seen it mentioned in Nuendo before .