Are these bug fixed in 8.5.15?

“No sound when volume automation below 0dB” ,

“Mouse movements dragging/delayed/lagging”,

“GUI Stutter when CC Lanes visible”,

"Quadrafuzz V2 unbypassed on project load:,

“GUI and cursor stutter with pen and scissor tool”,

I might be missing something, but I can’t tell from the bug list if these bugs have been carried over from 8.0x to 8.1x, or have been fixed.

I wanted to ask in the individual bug report threads, but they are locked.

Thanks for any info -

I’m running 8.5.15 and still have this problem. I wish they would fix it; it’s really annoying.

Thanks, BaseCu!

Anyone else able to add info?

5 bugs mentioned in the OP, one of which has been addressed.

Anyone else about the other 4?

Surprised there has not been a Steinberg mod to answer this in the two weeks it’s been posted …

Hi Alexis. I’ve been fine on item 1, automation and no sound below 0dB since I upgraded to 8.5.15.

I haven’t noticed 2, 3 and 5 on my system and I don’t use Quadrafuzz, so can’t comment on that.

Hi Wonks! :slight_smile:

Great to see you here! And thanks for the info … very reassuring.


All of these fixed in 8.5.20?