Are these the only libraries that come bundled with Cubase 10?

Hello all,

3 things happened -

  1. I had Cubase 10.0.20 installed with the full installer and then only downloaded the 10.0.50 update and updated Cubase.
  2. Had to unstall and reinstall the above for some reason.
  3. When reinstalling I installed it the same way as in the first point except I installed 10.0.20 using individual installers in its full installer and then updated to 10.0.50.

Now i get a feeling some content did not get installed when I used the individual installers. (Long story why I had to use individual installers.)

Will be real helpful if someone can please confirm if all the libraries are installed for 10.0.50 from the pictures below or am I missing any?

Thank you Cubasers!


You always have to install from the Full Installer to get the whole content.

Hey Martin,

Installing using the Full Installer worked!
Although using the Full Installer of 10.0.20 and just updating to 10.0.50 did not work to give me the full content. (The way it did the first time)
Only the 10.0.50 Full Installer worked.

So from this I feel when re-installing, it is important to use the Full installer of the version you had while uninstalling. Even if you had got to that version by just updating over the previous version which was installed using a Full installer.

Thank you so for the help Martin!