Are these VST demos from Steinberg?

Hi, several years ago a particular company (maybe Steinberg?) had these demo songs for one of their guitar VSTs which I downloaded onto my PC. Can anyone confirm this was Steinberg or not, and what the name of the VST is if it is Steinberg? All I have are mp3’s with names ‘comp3’ and ‘comp4’.

I’m tossing up between Steinberg, Native Instruments and East West… So far checking each site I haven’t found these demos :frowning:

I have a gut feeling it was Steinberg… that I was looking up Halion Symphony Orchestra, and then when I checked out other VSTs I came across these two demos…

I can’t remember when they were downloaded either… maybe 8 to 12 years ago?

I really hope someone can help me.


the second one definitely has Steinberg’s Virtual guitarist II patches as part of the demo. the dobro type guitar and heavy metal guitar patches are very familiar.

@Ferencz: What about the other instruments in the second one, are they also in VG2 (like the synth-strings/drums etc.)?

I’m not sure exactly how VST demos work, but I’m assuming that they only use instruments from the VST they are advertising. Is this possible? Or do they sometimes includes other instruments just as fillers?

all the guitars are from Virtual Guitarist…most likely the synths and drums are from some other VST like Halion Sonic if it’s an ad from Steinberg.