Are tutorials for Dorico 5.0 also for Dorico SE 5.0 for the Ipad?

I’m really new to this world! I see lots of tutorials on v5 but can’t tell if they are for Dorico SE for the Ipad or just for Pro and Elements? I have downloaded 5.0. Where are the tutorials for Dorico SE 5.0? Thanks from the Newbee!

Welcome to the forum, @douglindag !

First off, the latest release in the Dorico 5 cycle is 5.1.10 – 5.1 was quite a significant update to 5.0, so do make sure you’re on the latest version to make the most of it!

Secondly, yes I see what you mean, a lot of the latest videos don’t include a tag or similar clarifying any version restrictions.

Here’s a link to the “compare versions” page – hopefully that’s of use?

There’s also the Dorico 5 SE user manual’s New Features page, which provides an overview of the most noteworthy new features in Dorico 5 releases that are available in Dorico SE: