Are UAD Apollo users able to get sound into latest Cubase 10 (on Mac especially)?

I see that in_stereo is experiencing the same issue I am. I upgraded to 10.0.15 a couple days ago and am not getting any input from my Apollo 8 just like himl, and it was fine in the previous version of Cubase. I tried the suggestion in that thread and also tried disabling preferences, both with no change.

Are others who have a UAD Apollo interface having any issues getting input (i.e. from mic/line) from the Apollo into Cubase 10.0.15?

Works fine here - including via ADAT. (Silverface firewire Apollo 8)

Interesting, thanks! I’d like to hear from as many people as would like to answer so I can make sure it’s not a Cubase 10.0.15 issue. Any Mac users out there using an Apollo with the latest Cubase 10??

Apollo X6 here on Mac Mini 2018 via TB3 and no issue with last upgrade !

No problems here, but i´m on Windows…

Greetz Shanahan

I have a problem, my inputs are not coming into CB10. In 9.5 everything works fine. iMac and Apollo 8P. All Outputs are working great.

That’s the same thing I’m dealing with. It happened when I went from 9.5 to 10 and I fixed it by re-assigning the inputs on the UAD Console, but this doesn’t work with C10.0.15. I would try that out and see if it might work for you.

Interesting. That’s the newest generation of Apollo, right? I’m on the previous one. Not sure what generation Turnicate99 has.

C10 and apollo thunderbolt 3 works great. C10 is a buggy one and often crashes, but its not the fault of the apollo

OK, I feel extremely stupid right now. All you need to do is make sure the microphone is enabled for Cubase in Security Preferences. Mojave takes some getting used to with this stuff. Done - fixed!

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Thank you SO much for posting this, I didn’t know what else I could do. Mojave has issues like this, for sure, just didn’t realize it would apply in this way. Thanks again!!!

Yes, new Apollo generation. Working well and rock solid with Cubase 10

It is here too, now that the reason it was happening was discovered. :slight_smile: