Are UR28M supplies drying out?


Not sure if it’s the right place to ask but I don’t have much patience anymore. Three weeks ago I ordered UR28M from Guitar Center and it still has not been shipped from Steinberg/Yamaha North America. Got all CMC in three days but UR is still on back order. Really frustrating and GC can’t tell me when I will receive it they simply don’t know. So I’m asking Steinberg - do you experience any disruptions in supplying distributors in the USA at the moment? I mean three weeks for a brand new release is quite a long to time to deliver, no?

Any ideas on when is the fresh batch of UR28Ms coming to East Coast? Would greatly appreciate Steinberg response!


the UR28’s are available in the US for a certain amount of time already. Perhaps GC made a late order regarding the devices…



Ok thank you Chris!