Are US Versions of Halion / Halion 5 Regional Locked ?

Hi everyone,

Im from Australia and im interested in purchasing Halion 5 from USA since Halion 5 stock hasn’t hit Australia yet.

I purchased a copy of Cubase 7 from USA recently and came to discover that it was Country Specific activation code (Could only be activated in USA). I had to send it back etc , it was a nightmare / waste of time.

So does Halion 5 purchased from the (USA) have country specific activation codes aswell ?


a usa activation can be activated anywhere in the world including the Cubase one , it’s all to do with retail support , you are entitled to using the software and licence where you please

Not for Cubase 7 dude.

Your talking to someone with experience.
With some research you’ll come to find Steinberg introduced country specific activation codes for Cubase 7 , however the funny thing about it is it only applies for copies within the “US”.

All copies of Cubase 7 outside of the US do not have the restriction. :confused:

When I bought a copy of Cubase 7 from the US off ebay , I received it and I read in fine print on the bottom of the box it said something along the lines of “US Version: can only be activated within the US”

The only way around it is to use a VPN with a american IP , but I didn’t want to do that and returned it.
Also the Official Australian Steinberg support - Yamaha Music - confirmed all of the above to me.

Even if I activated using a VPN , my personal details and country location would not match up , hence I would loose out on any official steinberg support aswell. :confused:

So it has nothing to do with retail support lol.

Does anyone know about Halion 5 ?

read the whole post

and this will also be verified by any Steinberg mod on here

Hello all,

I can definitively not say or explain why the Cubase 7 US version has been implemented.
But I can help you solve some of the other questions.

This message is a notification and will not impede the operation of the product, nor will it keep legitimate customers from receiving technical support or customer service.

That is true, click on ok and the license should download correctly.

The license will be flagged as Cubase 7 US, so even though you transfer the license to a different eLicenser the local distributor will know it was purchased on the US.

Some distributors or local dealers might not want to provide support if you have not purchased the software with them.
Some others might not have a problem with it, as long as you are register in that country. E.g. Australia, Canada.

It does not matter where you have purchase Cubase or if you have a US license, you can always download and install the free maintenance updates.
No matter where you are you can always request support from the Steinberg Headquarters using the Support Request Form on your MySteinberg account or through the official forums.

Best regards,

Guillermo Navarrete, Product Specialist

Yeah that post is all good and dandy , but its completely mis-leading because the subject is so hazy and it HAS NOT been addressed properly by steinberg & no feedback from users who have experienced this. So who knows.

All I can say is with my personal experience the activation code would not allow me to activate the US version in Australia.

The process posted to try and fix it also looks rediculous , the Australian Steinberg Official Support had no solutions to offer me other then to “Return it” so…

So moving on , anyone know about Halion 5 ??

ok then , don’t try halion 5 as it will be the same if it’s a US version , you answered your own question

It doesn’t mean it applies to a steinberg VST indefinitely.

Im looking for a answer from a US experienced user , Steinberg Rep or something of the sorts.

thanks for trying to help though :slight_smile:

hi everyone,

Im back to answer my own question as I ended up going for it and purchased a copy of Halion 5 from the US on ebay.

There is no limitations mentioned in the fine print & It installed / activated just fine.

So the answer is , there is no country restrictions on halion 5 activation.

I don´t know about Australia, but a friend of mine here in Brazil was able to activate an US license without major problems (He bought Cubase 7 in Ebay).

Maybe there will be some problem in a future upgrade, but we don’t know.

and it’s the same with C7 even thou it states US only , but some people refuse to listen and amit it’s their error :unamused:

G String , youve done nothing but troll my thread… :unamused: I wish a mod deletes all your crap posts :confused:

In my situation in Australia , my elicenser control centre would not accept the US activation code and outputted a error msg saying something along the lines of “can only be activated from within the US”.
So for me I could not even activate the code. Whats so hard to understand about that ?

When this happened to me , during my research I also learnt that people from south america and possibly some other places where able to activate US codes just fine , HOWEVER I heard that they also miss out on official Steinberg Support.

So I returned it , got a refund , and purchased a copy from within Australia. I didn’t want to waste time trying to sort it out with steinberg.
Even if i was able to successfully activate the US code , I would miss out on Official Steinberg Support , unless I tried once again to sort it out with Steinberg & waste more time.

Return/Refund was the easiest option and gave me peace of mind from the get go :slight_smile:

If you had evidence of someone with the same experience , and also said that it was quickly & easily fixed with Steinberg, I would be more accepting of your argument , but for me its just a big unknown & id rather not deal with that.

you obviously haven’t done you research then .

Enjoy halion :wink:

Aloha guys.

Interesting thread.
Thanks for the ‘heads up’.


another post count for you then curteye :wink: