Are WaveLab 9 Pro plugins available within Cubase 8.5 Pro?

Does anyone know yet whether the WaveLab 9 Pro plugins are available within Cubase 8.5 Pro? For example, from the video I can see that the multiband envelopeShaper is a VST3, so does that mean it will show up as an effect in Cubase?

PG may drop in on this (?) but at one time he listed a path to copy the plugins from WL8 to Cubase. I would like this as well so I’ll keep my eye out for his response.

Based on a quick try, this worked OK here (on mac) for a minute or two (MasterRig), although following a restart of Cubase, now only the Sonnox Restore plugs are working, MasterRig and Envelope Shaper are not loading when chosen.

I copied the plug-ins from inside the application package to the normal VST3 path.


Thanks John – sounds like Cubase has blacklisted them then. The Sonnox VST3’s from previous version do work from inside Cubase, however their use their is of limited value, when you already have WaveLab.

Please anybody can confirm that Masterrig plugs work also with Cubase 8.5?

I would like that too…