"Are We Alone " A 40 min evolving journey with one continuous question

Are we Alone in the Universe

After being diagnosed with a terminal cancer last year and having my left eye removed, creativity has been uncontrollable in places right up till this day .
This little piece took about a week , i was guided by something , i haven’t got a clue what as i’m not religious BUT some thing drove me to attempt something out of my comfort zone with creating this continuous 40 min question of are we alone in the universe .

It’s unmastered , just a limiter to try and grab hold of some peaks , there’s plenty for anyone to pick holes in and i welcome any criticism ,at the end of the day , it is what it is , no more ,no less , it’s not trying to be anything .

Lastly, my ears are failing as i mentioned in my last post due to being a speaker designer/builder for a well known PA company many moons ago but i struggle with the everyday reality of deafness so there might be some untamed resonance’s so mind your ears if playing loud

Anyway enough of the sob stories , it is what it is .
Created in C12.0.70
Grab a cuppa of your favourite and i hope you’ll enjoy the journey for of the question



It’s cool man, would sound even better mastered. I love the last section. Very 90’s jungle styleeee!
(I love space and aliens too, so that prob helped, lol)

It all has a 90’s feel, actually. More effects and polishing may remove that “raw” feel and make it more modern. Maybe some light mastering instead.

Sorry to hear of your personal condition. I really like your style though. I can’t really think of any criticisms :thinking: I’ll let you know if I do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ahhh , cheers , yes i think im stuck in the 90’s with my own stuff , to be honest i loved the 90’s sooooooo i’ll take that as a compliment .

There’s a few bits and bobs to do to it if i get time , it’s only a personal thing so no rush ,too many other projects on the go at the mo .

Once again thanks for the good feedback and Happy New year :wink:

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