Are we in the grace period for 10.5 now?

I realize that Steinberg is not going to let us know early when the release date of Cubase 10.5 is, but I’m wondering if there can be any confirmation of activating a Cubase 10 license now will be within the grace period window?

Impossible to know with certainty.

Yah that’s what I figured. I have enough time left on my trial to get me into mid November so I’ll keep with that until it runs out.

For last years it seems likely. But they have been many years with dec releases too. And if they find any catastrophic bugs it might be delayed even more. But it will need a hell of a bug to cancel Christmas sales. If you already has a trial, wait until it expires. Then you need to figure out if worth 50 bucks to wait.

so are you all using the trail until the 10.5 gets released?


From their announcement on macOS Catalina support for software. Some of their VST instruments are listed as being compatible November, 2019. I suspect (and could be wrong) that it would be accompanied by 10.5 being released. Perhaps that is also why they very short list of bugs patched in 10.0.50 as all focus internally is getting 10.5 out the door and then they can backport the fixes to 10.0 after the dust settles. Again I’m just reading the tea leaves and could be totally wrong.

Thankfully I still have a little more time left on my trial before I activate so we’ll see how it goes.

I was just going to ask the same thing myself. I missed the 50% mid year sale and although I have tried to time it, I have missed the x.5 grace period every single year…
I might take a risk and buy it this weekend and just cross my fingers.

I don’t need to use it for now, I’d rather wait to activate to get grace, but can I even buy an upgrade without activating it?

I am on Mojave now on a new MacBook Pro finally, and I will never upgrade to Catalina as long as I live. So I guess met Mac days will only be for as long as I have software that works on Mojave, hopefully many years. This is why I have bootcamp installed this time and am learning windows 10 for the first time since Windows XP! (I can’t upgrade as I have more than 100 32 bit apps, so, forget it… they will never be updated).

Anyway… I presume 10.5 will work perfectly fine on Mojave, and 10 does as well? I haven’t used Cubase 10 at all… The last version I ever used is 9.5 since it came out but now that laptop is formatted and gone, and I have no interest in installing it on my iMac pro which is a dedicated pro tools box.

As long as I can hold off the activation, I am more than happy to buy right this second for the 149 AU update price.

Yes, sure you can.

Buying an upgrade and activating it are two totally different things. After you bought a license you’ll get an activation code. You then use that activation code to activate your license. But you can do this activation any time you like. In fact, you can wait several years if you like to.

No problem, you can hold off the activation as long as you like.

Thanks star sprinkler…

so… technically, one could get the upgrade half price at mid year sale, continue to use the current version, and then not activate the upgrade till the point 5 version comes out! I will do that for Cubase 11! Will buy 10 today finally. I do look forward to using it.

Yes, you can buy the license and sit on it. Just no guarantee that the activation code will still work in a year or two. better to try to add it to your USB dongle so its tied to it – without actually activating Cubase 10.x

Grace periods for past editions.

On or after Oct 18

On or after Oct 15

I think last year was also mid Oct

But no guarantee this will be same this year as it was years past. All dependent on Cubase release date

There is no requirement to activate in any time frame that I am aware of. The code will work,

If you “tie a license to a USB key” you do activate it

I believe if you paste the code into elicencer box for the dongle but click cancel before clicking next, its supposed to not activate Cubase but just tie it to the dongle.

Don’t quote me on that. I am just re-phrasing what someone else posted on here a while back.

No, this is misinformation.

OP, as per the mod … the info is incorrect.

Then save the code somewhere secure and set a strong password for your steinberg account.

This is fantastic news… I missed out for a 5th year running…
I was waiting for 1am for my funds to go into my bank account, to buy Cubase 10 upgrade for 149$.

Now of course, ONE DAY before, 10.5 is released and now the upgrade has gone to $238 AUD.

Well, I guess that’s over for me now, I will wait till a 10.5 upgrade sale in the middle of next year which will be 238 - 50% so should be $119.

I’ll stay on 9.5 for now.

I mean this is like action blockbuster movie left type unbelievable. I literally can’t believe it, I thought I was going to make it this time. One day.
I was waiting to buy Cubase at 1am, 10.5 hours from now.

I could barely afford the 149 right now so the 238 is out of the question. I feel like I will be burning almost 100$ which I don’t have.

Oh well!

It gets better… I haven’t installed Cubase 9.5 on the new MacBook yet as it had Mojave and I thought I’d wait till I had V10.
Now it seems 9.5 and Mojave don’t play well together.
Oh well, no cubase at all for me now till at least June or July.
Will have to use logic 10.4.7 for the foreseeable future. It is what it is. I feel bummed so please forgive my rant but I really feel the bad luck this time was beyond incredible.

It is as simple as buying the update and not activating it before the next Version Comes out.

Don’t know if that is directed at me, but as said I had zero cash after the recent MacBook acquisition which was essential as my five year old MacBook was on last legs… But it not only wiped my bank acc but CC also, to literally less than zero, which is why I was waiting for a small amount of money to come through, Which as I said, came through at 1am (just over an hour ago here).
I literally missed out by a day. One day.

I feel like contacting Steinberg and explaining and begging them for the 149 price but I doubt I’ll get anywhere so I think I’ll just let it go… I really do want to use Cubase, and it looks like my MacBook is going back and getting the new 16" with same specs but a 16" screen and better graphics, all for no changeover price, however the 16" runs in Catalina… so… cubase 10 is an absolute must if I want to use Cubase… I really have no choice for now, it has to be Logic which will work with Catalina. That’s life. I am truly bummed…I just can not afford 240 bucks now… the 150 I was prepared for, JUST.

Oh well.
Congrats on the release, and I hope all the wonderful people here get some amazing use out of it and truly love it! Cheers.