Are we missing some sound files?

Ever since we did an upgrade to CUbase ELements 9.5, we’ve been wrestling with a series of pop-up windows whenever we try to launch Halion SOnic: the first two examples are enclosed as attachments. We have to hit “Do not ask again” and then “Ignore” to open up Halion SOnic - but we also don’t have these files installed.

Should we have these files - and does that mean our upgrade somehow got corrupted? And if so, is there a quick fix or should we be contacting STeinberg direct?

Thanks everyone,

Tony & Noel


From which version did you upgrade?

The 2nd screen is definitely from HALion Sonic. You need a dedicated license, this is a dedicated application. The one you have with Cubase license is HALion Sonic SE.

We upgraded from Cubase Ai 9 to Cubase Elements 9.5. We noticed the fact that all of the missing files say “Halion” but we are using “Halion Sonic SE”. There are 9 missing files. Here’s another example below.



It seems you installed HALion Sonic Trial. Uninstall it and uninstall HALion Sonic content, please.


Thank you. We were away last week. Did you mean to Uninstall HALion Sonic Trial and INSTALL HALion Sonic SE. (you typed Uninstall for the latter.) If we have somehow loaded up the trial, I assume it wasn’t a short-term trial deal as this has been going on for a few months. We’ll wait to hear from you before going through the uninstall/install.

Thanks again,

Tony & Noel

I am sure he is saying to uninstall the HALion Sonic Trial and uninstall the HALion Sonic content. That would leave you with the HALion Sonic SE VST3 software and it’s sound content which came with your Cubase Elements 9.5. This content is much different than what is included with the full HALion Sonic program which you don’t have.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Exactly, Prock, thanks. And sorry for the typo.