Are we near a maintenance release drop?

11…0.10 has been temperamental for me. It may be Windows 10 updates causing the issue but I’m wondering if we are near an 11.0.20 update or 11.1 update in terms of usual maintenance release schedules?

Truly hope so. Updates seem to be very thin on the ground in recent years.

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I totally agree
Really frustrating,as the like of Imageline and Presonus ,have regular updates
I really like using Cubase,but the lack of regular updates is frustrating
Yes I know its a difficult process sorting out bugs and what not,but still
I am using version 11,just wondering when the next update will be around,just to clarify
But might drop back to version 10 for now,(testing ideas etc)


10.5.20 was build in early May. Released a few weeks later. So guestimate is 25 May. (Might be final 11.0 version)

I guess next week.

I think I read in the latest Cubase 10.5 update post the next Cubase 11 update is scheduled for early April.

I have had a few frustrating seizures with C11. 0.10, but only in the three or four weeks. I am inclined to agree with OP that Windows updates are likely to blame. It has been fairly stable in the last few days, but I still feel that I am walking on eggshells.

Would be nice , the same as others , been getting unexpected quits with no reason and a couple of lockups with the .0.10 so lets hope , Greg said a release was Imminent so … read into that what you will

Normally i cant wait to get updates and see what new features are included, but with CB this a is the first piece of software that I really want bug fixes and a more stable product. Its also the most expensive piece of software ive ever brought and IMO I shouldn’t be having to think like this.

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Cubase is a significantly more complex program, so it’s just going to take more time always

If that’s the reason for Steinbergs lack of bug fixes :smiley:
You gave them a smart idea: next Cubase version becomes more complex which gives them then the excuse not to deliver any update and keep all bugs since it is so complex LOL :wink:

This has nothing to do with the application itself in means of complexity. Many other reason I could think of but not a/the complexity of Cubase.

having a lack of bug fixes vs rate of bug fixes are two different things. Steinberg pretty much fixes every bug that gets reported with a few odd acceptations. Your contention and problem is with the rate of being fixed.

Complexity does have something to do with rate. There are things about Cubase that are more complex, that have existed for years before S1 was even conceived - for example, the Project Logical Editor.

They dont fix many annoying bugs. They fix reproducible crashes, but they are quite rare.

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from what I’ve measured, most bugs get fixed. Not everything gets fixed per patch release, but eventually, most things do get fixed. sometimes it takes year, sometimes it’s next patch

The inadequate silence from Steinberg around any next maintenance update or the lack of it is just annoying.

it’s just not how software works mate, it’s ready when it’s ready… and no one knows including Steinberg… because problems aren’t fixed… until they are fixed.

They could give a release date, and then that date would be pushed… and then you’d be complaining about that instead of complaining about silence


Not really, I wasn’t the one nailing them on a specific date but more to let the honored user base know what’s delaying it. Also, it is not so uncommon to tell customers what you are working on, as we’re not working with NSA or CIA :wink:
Sure, you can argue about this too. Let them work in their basement and never tell anyone if or when something is going back from there.
I had(have) open issues via their ticket system (given a CAN) and do not yet see that many of these acknowledged flaws in the code were addressed. Many times you will notice that they even never will.
At least M1 Apples are having a good time now…

The release is out (Cubase 11.0.20) so this topic will be closed.