Are we ok to update to ventura?

Hi - am I ok to update to mac os ventura? I’m still getting these warnings about a legacy extension?

Many thanks

(using ur816c and a yamaha cp-50 keyboard USB midi)


Please take a look here:
macOS 13 (Ventura) compatibility

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I didn’t had a single problem since yesterday on MacMini m1. Im

It’s not officially supported yet but internal tests made so far have shown no particular issues. It is still recommended to wait until the official go.

The messages about the legacy extension have been around for some OS versions now. We are aware and are working on updates to address that in the future.

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Has anyone updated to Ventura on a 2018 (Intel) Mac mini without problems? I haven’t tried yet but would like to do it soon. I use a UR44-C.

Thanks in advance for any replies.