Are you an audio engineer but lonely?

Someone posted this (thanks D) over at my forum, thought it might go far here…


Me first, me first… :laughing:

Are there anybody out there for:
A 160 biological years old, 60 pounds overweight, and white as milk w/black rings around the eyes kind a guy.
I also got greasy hair in a pony tail (which have been moved from the front and back) hidden under a 50 year old cap (not washed once), and a worn out Pink Floyd t-shirt that almost reach my belly button.

I will send picture in next post, featuring my studio sandals and socks with holes (more holes than socks really), that used to be white (now more like charcoal).

If you are twins, or good girlfriends, I will wake up some of my friends (they were the last time I spoke with them) that are sleeping off on my studio couch.
If so, I am sincerely looking forward to a double date in the back of my studio basement (were the strangest things grows).
Bye for now (feeling a great sensation in my…left ear - just heard a 32-bit/192K floating point fart from underneat the mix console. Ooooh it was just my 300 pound Irish bloodhound).

Hope to see you soon.

PS. This was a very needed service. Finally here. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Hahaha, if only… :laughing:

The last line kind’a says it all.
I’ll give it a pass for now if it’s all the same…

Does it help with my M-F connectors?

(Note the publication date of the “news article”.)

Yes, and better yet, it’s coming to a Steinberg forum April 1st 2015. It will come together with a Cubase Love Song tool set. I just can’t wait :wink:

My topic title said “lonely” not “homely” :laughing:

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I guess they tanked. :unamused:

Lonely Jeff? :laughing:

The failure of the site is yet another case of unanticipated outcomes.

All the lonely people, seeking their personal Eleanor Rigby’s, and realizing they had to become audio engineers to get any relief. Naturally, they spend ALL their waking moments online learning the audio engineering craft … joining audio related forums … reading PDF sequencer primers … experimenting with plugins and esoteric mid-side processing … and before long they have no more time for the Lonely Hearts Audio Dating Club Band.

They’re still lonely, but too busy learning to roll-their-own DAWs, and troubleshooting software conflicts, to notice. :wink:

Sad and true! :stuck_out_tongue: