Are you guys having randome bugs with Halion 6?


I have some strange issues with Halion 6. Im using Cubase pro 9.010. Windows 10 64bit creators edition. All up to date.

Some times up on start up off Cubase, Halion get black listed?
Some times when I load Halion over a instrument in the rack. Cubase crash.
Some times when im working on sampling and doing scripting to make a library. Halion crashes.

I havent manage to find consistency. It feels random.

Can it be my steinberg key, that is the issue?
Or might it be some conflict in windows registry?

I too cannot get Halion 6 to work reliably, I have a new PC and Halion has never worked reliably on it, I am sure my problems are to do with the Library manager, as Halion often crashes when accessing the browser or whilst loading. Cubase 9 and everything else works fine.

I assume Halion 6 (or maybe just the library manager) is not happy with Windows 10, I emailed support but after 19 days I still have not had a reply from Steinberg.