are YOU on Mac or Windows?

are YOU on Mac or Windows?

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are YOU on Mac or Windows?

Just curious because ever since C6 brought glorious 64-bitness I am ALMOST a totally satisfied user. My top three remaining quibbles are:

  1. Mac performance
  2. Mac performance
  3. Mac performance

PS, please don’t make this a Mac vs PC thread. Let’s just agree to disagree :smiley: But I know high performance is possible on Mac. Those Logic dudes are running obscene low latencies and plugin counts on the other side of the fence. And Windows Cubase has definitely got it.

I use Windows.

I chose Windows because when I got the DAW in 2006/07 or something I went all in with the most powerful stuff I could force the record label to pay for (quad-core, tons of hard drive space and whatnot) and similar speed would have cost two fortunes instead of one if I’d gotten a Mac.

I miss the option “Both”!
I use PCs in my own business and Macs with Logic at work, both systems work great.


Ahh, yup I should have included that!

MAC overhere. (Very rarely I boot too Windows, but not to use Cubase or Wavleab)