Are you ready?

12.5 or 13? Only a few hours left or same anti climax as last year?

anti-climax. Or maybe simply lack of climax?

Well I snagged Wavelab 11.1 for a really good price !
Lots of other things on sale too, maybe that’s the “climax” ?

12.5 or 13? That’s a pretty long one. You’re talking inches, correct?

Climax? I doubt it.

Or … what exactly are you talking about?

One way or another, I’m not ready.


just keep working hard, it will come eventually…!!
but seriously i also wonder when next cubase update is gonna show up.
cuz usually it was released on November / December but lest time it was on March due the new license system , so from now and on the release date rested to March ?

Cubase 12 is still new. What six/seven months. I’m surprised some want a new one already. Anyway, if you check the latest club Cubase Greg Ondo mentions to not expect anything anytime soon.

Why always this urge for a new version? What’s the point? Do you need more/other options? Have you tried and mastered all the possibilities that CB12 has to offer? What is the reason why you can’t wait before another version of Cubase is released?

I am always happy about new things. Most of the time, anyway.
But at the moment it would be enough for me if version 12.0.51 would work reasonably. How about it, Steinberg: This time a version jump only when version 12.x works reliably and without bugs. Until then, mundane updates are enough for me. If necessary weekly and until version 12.4.999. :wink: