Are you serious right now?

I got outboard gear, table top synths, rack sound modules, keyboard workstations, and reg synth… I bought cubase before I got these external gear thinking cubase would be able to handle them. You mean to tell me that, with all my gear im not able to get midi data from my external instruments, to cubase sequencer? To make the analog audio line up with the midi data? I used to run protools, and it didnt have no problem at all doing this sort of thing. Pretty simple and flawless if you ask me… I have a copy of ableton and if this is the case, I will be ditching cubase…

I feel like an idiot. And you guys are probably thinking I’m an Idiot too. LOL never mind. If id only pay attention to the actual routing and internal set up of my main midi controller which is the Kurzweil I would be ok. So It seems that the kurz has diff internal system settings. It has different setting such as “LOCAL” “USBMIDI” “MIDI” Well these settings are important because they tell exactly what the keyboard to do. If I set the destination to “LOCAL” it will only play analog audio through. If i set it to “USBMIDI-LOCAL” well thats where the magic happens. It means it is sending the MIDI data from usb as well as the the analog sound to join together. As well with “USB MIDI-MIDI” meaning whatever is going thru the phisical midi cable/channel, it will send that information as well as the usb midi data. See what a little working does… Learn from my mistakes. Once again I’m sorry.

My apoligize again. Yes, I’m still a cubase fan. Will be upgrading to 7 soon.

Peace and love.

Glad to see you got it working.