Are you template friendly?

I’m working on a template that could improve my workflow. This is a part of cubase that I love. Composition is one thing, and “programming” big template is another…

I’m wondering if someone know someplace where we could talk on this subject, or exchange ours template, talk on it. And why not move to VST connect for talking and working on testing funny template with lot’s of fx ready to use…

The template I’m working on is at 2000 track, with the name on it of every preset of Halion5

Sure the ram is loading 20giga at the start, so a minimum of ram is required…

I have a bit of work to finish before posting it… but yes , steinberg, why can’t we opening a new section for all these king of exchange? midi mapping, lemur , etc…

Happy new year by the way

I have a large template, 1300. I use disable tracks, I route and folderise everything, then tuck the folders away. I have subfolders for say piccolo. So its Orchestral/Woodwinds/piccolos. I route piccolos to “piccolo group”, then to Woodind group. I keep pitched percussion - including all keys in an independent folder. I have guitars, basses, world, and a custom folder.

I want/like/intend to start Tabula Rasa, and do, by invisibilising. RAMwise too

Disabled I get task manager readings from 4.5 to 6 gig. This is odd but I think WIn 10 is doing stuff we never see sometimes, especially after a bit of work.
The problem I am having is having to have multiple folders open to get one track activated. In this structure (which makes sense musically) to get to a piccolo trumpet three folder tracks have to be visible in order to see just one track.

There are solutions of course, including a redesign, but I am looking at using a two project set up using a ‘grand’ template which simply lies dormant. I don’t think this has ever been done before.
In this method, the Grand Template acts as a resource, a library of track presets - but now seen (and modifiable) in their true glory - housed in a porject as the are (compare the media bay experience). This project is never loaded.This method has the advantages of not loading anything which you don’t use. Your RAM is free.

"Import track from project (File menu) is a couple of tunnels away, the booty is there. However, the menu for track selection is basic, it strips out the folderisation, and presets a list. It has no search options, just a ‘select all’ so it’s fishing for a particular minnow time with 2000 fish - eye and finger.

We need a library of tracks ready to rock and roll, we need to be able to craft them, route them, fxs, expression maps, the works and then. Track presets are tolerable, but a bigger bespoke experience for importing - a dedicated “auditioner” with categorizable folderized libraries would be great. There is a case for offering all new tracks to the library - build up a ‘repetoire’ of tracks.


Thanks Imo for sharing your process. That exactly the problem of doing big template, and managing the ram….

I was using “disable track” but don’t you have the problem of “no device midi in” when re enable it?

Big problem, in my case with Halion, because it has an A,B,C,D 1to16 system way of “channeling” the midi device.
So I just turn offthe instrument in the rack. I think it uses more ram than a real disabling track system.

Have you tried vst connection? I wish I could find someone for testing it, not in a producing way, just to test the fun part of it :slight_smile:

I don’t use rack instruments, only instrument tracks with one instrument in each. This works well with no detectable overhead for each instance. No, I don’t have the problem of “no device midi in” when re enabled. I do not know why.
One instrument track per instrument works better with routing - saving, importing, exporting.