Are you using a remote iOS app with Nuendo?

I need to operate Nuendo from within an audio installation (long story…NDA… let’s just leave it at that… ) and I’m looking at the various iPad remote options available. Other than the DIY controllers like Lemur and TouchOSC and other, the best ready to go solutions seem to be:


V-Control Pro


V-Control is the most impressive because in principle it allows you to edit plugins from their own GUI. But I’m having a hard time finding Nuendo specific information about how well it works.

Has anyone had any practical experience with any of these or others? Thanks for any feedback.

I’m using AC7 on iPad with Mac/N5.5

For the money, it’s a useful way to control Nuendo from the live room when I need to. I didn’t have a Mackie Control, which it’s based on, and I don’t find it it particularly intuitive. I don’t use it in the normal course of running N5 from my chair.

Also it fairly often drops out of the Wifi link - that’s prob not the AC-7’s fault, but it makes it less reliable to use.

6/10 for me.

I use V-Control Pro.
The V-Window feature is why I bought an IPad. The ability to control plugins this way is a huge help while composing or doing sound design. I can be over by my keyboard tweaking sounds with the iPad without having to back and forth with the mouse at the computer.
It is also very stable.
The other great thing is you are not limited to Nuendo, you can use the V-window feature for any open window on your computer, so you can control anything.

I use log me in. full control of Nuendo or any other program.

I use V Control Pro, used to use AC7. So much more you can do with V Control and, as Gar said, you can control any open window on your computer.

I’m expecting my iPad today and I’m pressed for time as I have to start using it almost immediately for my project. Thanks to all for the info, it’s been a big help.

“Log me in” probably is fine for general use, and the free version pretty much covers what I need for testing it. I don’t know what it’s capabilities are for focusing on specific windows, but in principle it offers complete RDC control of a machine, so it’s not a specialized option but depending on it’s operation could still be an excellent solution.

I tried AC-7 on my iPod Touch and while it works (though hard to control on such a tiny screen!), it has the benefit of emulating a Mackie Control with which I’m very familiar. However the limitations of working with plugins through the MC interface is a big one.

V-control Pro seems like the most polished option but I wonder about the HUI emulation vs the MCU emulation. The Remote Control Devices PDF included with N5 lists quite a few “not supported” options for the HUI though the HUI seems to have a lot more options than the MCU. In principle the V-Window business seems like an optimized RDC, but it’s really elegantly and cleverly handled. It’s also an attractive solution to me because I still use Logic for some work, though the bulk of my work is done in Nuendo on a PC. A couple of questions for the Nuendo users: are you running this on the PC and does the V-Window mode run without issues? And have you run into any limitations regarding the HUI protocol V-Control uses with Nuendo?

I found this thread in the Cubase section of this forum regarding this same subject. It’s a little dated but has some good info about these solutions. I also didn’t know that Yamaha was already developing iPad apps for their pro live consoles. The idea of a Cubase/Nuendo optimized solution from Yamaha for the iPad would certainly be interesting. You can check Yamaha’s current iPad offerings here. BTW, the OP’s comments regarding V-Control are a bit dated since the 1.5 V-Window option only appeared in 2012 and that’s made a big difference in functionality.

I haven’t found much about ProRemote, but it seems to sit somewhere between V-Control and AC-7 as it’s a another MCU emulation but with functional rather than polished graphics. It certainly doesn’t seem as popular as the other offerings discussed here and Windows support seems to still be beta for XP… gulp!

Again, thanks for chiming in,


Just a quick update…

“Log me in” totally screwed me up:Nuendo kept crashing on startup till I uninstalled the Windows driver. Seemed temperamental to me. I’ll try it again when I have more time.

I got V-Control Pro but I have to say that my initial reaction is that it’s functional but far from complete, or certainly not as integrated as it seems with Logic and PT. I can live with the Cubase graphics but lack of immediate access to key things like the Control Room Mixer and the multiple Mixer windows is an issue.

Oddly enough, as an MCU user, I’m tempted to use AC-7 as it presents a totally familiar environment to me. Then again, that’s just familiarity talking.

The bottom line is that nothing is 100% for Nuendo. I’ll start bugging Neyrinck for more Nuendo customizations when I have more time. It would be nice to have a functional list of differences between Cubase and Nuendo for this…

For me log me in working perfectly.
Please note that you can have the free account on your computer (make sure it working with a remote location computer), but for the ipad you will need to purchase the application, it will not work from the ipad browser.

Glad it’s working for you. I had other serious issues, with the entire monitor going black and popups I couldn’t click or get out of… I just don’t have the time right now to debug. The whole “V-Window” thing in V-Control is nothing more than a packaged and managed version of RDC like LogMeIn.

V-Control is working out pretty well. I wish there were a way for it to remember specific V-window zoom settings because currently they’re lost the moment you switch windows so you have to reset the zoom every time you go back. Actually, it would be ideal if it could see Nuendo’s own separate windows (Mixers, Control Room, etc…). It works nicely with plugins once their GUI is open. Not a perfect solution, but it’s very usable and stable.