Are you using a video GFX card or just onboard?

Since our DAW’s are so audio oriented I’ve never had a separate video card in my PC. I’ve figured the onboard graphics can handle anything that Cubase, some plugins, and the occasional tutorial video can throw at it.

But is it advantageous to have a separate graphics card anyhow? Is some of my ram or other processing power going into graphics? What are the standard/best practices here?

I’m on an ASRock Z77 Pro4 if that helps

THANKS!! :mrgreen:

See my sig, runs great! An Haswell i7 4770 would be even better/faster. If you don’t game, onboard is all you need, quieter, cooler and cheaper.

unless your going to run more than two monitors at 1080p then you have no need for a separate GPU. However if you want to game or run 3 monitors then it would be advisable to buy something with a little more power. I have a HD7970 (I think thats what it is) but I am running a 47" and a couple of 24s monitors cos Im going blind in my old age and dont need my reading glasses with the 47" but will soon need a damn microscope with the 24s :slight_smile:

Thanks guys…glad to hear!