Are you using less group tracks after VCA?

How are you iplementing the VCA feature into your workflow?

Are you now using fewer group tracks than before VCA? Or any other workflow changes?

Just curious :wink:

I wanted to use VCA, but it wants to link the faders, even when I think I tell it not to. Until I learn it better, I will stick with groups and sends. I don’t think the VCAs hold inserts either, do they?

Until VCAs are completely separate from channel linking I see little value in them.

I don’t understand why so many people equate VCAs with Group Channels - they are very different tools with very different purposes and outcomes. Channel linking, on the other hand, is very similar to VCAs.

No, I still use grouptracks when I want to process the signal summed from the groupmembers more, VCA is only used in the last mix stage when leveling the subgroups. This is because when VCA’d all the send and other paramters are linked!

Maybe I need to investigate it better, the whole LINK thing.

Thanks guys. My thoughts as well, and I never started using them (for the above mentioned reasons).
Took me 2 minutes to “call their bluff” :wink:

Doesn’t work like a “real” VCA system, with the grouped rec-arming, group selecting of tracks etc…

With the new update (I have not Cubase installed atm), are we now able to save only the volume option when setting up a VCA fader? And to be remembered at re-opening the project?

Thanks in advance.

I’m using fewer group channels. It did take some strategizing and thinking to implement the VCA channels, but did away with the group channels altogether in my last project. Much happier with the sound.

One thing I did first was get a good general base mix with everything and set base automation volume points on those. I brought in the VCA channels after that. That way I had a good starting point when I started to do my groups mixing for the rest of the project.

I still have FX channels for things like reverb etc., but it’s kind of nice to be able to go into the mix console and be able to adjust the reverb level for the entire group without a group channel burying the group member into mush.

I use them right along with my groups… If my template has 4 groups then more then likely at some point ill want to lower or raise the entire group for a final mix… I think they work very well. I did have some glitches in the .05 update, but this new update seems to have fixed them…

Example, I don’t have to have routing clicked in order for the vca settings to change.

That’s why I ask :wink: I am in this strategic thinking period right now (between projects).

What confuses me is the “hard” wiring of the VCA into the excisting group/linking feature that confuses me. Not like a “real” VCA system, and a source of confusion (especially if you start using them to early in the process). The common rec-arming and selection (select one track, it selects all in a VCA group :confused: :confused: :confused: ), is a “dangerous” path IMO.

I have heard rumours that Nuendo 7 will get a VCA system completely seperated from the regular grouping/linking feature. Will this port over to Cubase?

Thanks for thoughts and suggestions :slight_smile: