Are you using Mac or PC (POLL) ?

Are you on Mac or PC ?

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Hi I’m interested in getting a feel as to what % of Cubase 7 users are on Mac vs PC.

Hope this POLL will help in getting a general idea.


Hope this POLL will help in getting a general idea.

Yeah, either that or a huge flame war… :laughing:

Haha… (NOTE : No Flaming… Please ! ) :laughing:

Hey, I see from your sig that we use a similar system: 3x networked PC’s. I assume you also use VEP 5. If that could be of any interest to your survey, I was 100% mac until 2008. Then I switched to custom-built PC’s. Way way more flexible and exactly what I need, not what Apple thinks I need… Added bonus: Cubase runs better on Windows (I believe this is no longer an object of debate but pretty much an established fact.)

Hi papi61,

Yes, I have my PCs networked via VEP 5. All PCs are custom built by (PC Audio Labs, and Vision DAW PC , and all are rack-mounted) both these companies are great custom PC builders.

I switched from Logic Pro 9 to Cubase 6 on PC around three years ago. I’m very happy with Cubase 7 on PC.


Atari 1989 - 2001 and then PC , I will never go to a company that sounds like a Scottish street hood !

Me too :mrgreen:
Atari the very early days then PCs since a long time now.

I use both…

Hallo I’m using mac, but there are too much problems with crash and other under osx expecially when I use Play instruments and NI Instruments on Cubase Artist 7, until now at 7.0.5. 64bit works better but I dont like the mixer. I’ve back to 6.5.5 more solid in 64bit mode too. I would like to have Cubase solid like Logic X and Protools 11 under mac. I know there are less feature than Cubase but nice compatibility with 3rd party plugs. :smiley:

This poll was done last year if you are interested

Didn’t know about it.

Anyways… This is a fresher poll :slight_smile:

Cool !

I decided not to include a ‘I use both’ option in the Poll, since I was more interested in getting a pure Mac vs PC user base Poll result.


I know, VisionDAW builds for Hans Zimmer and many of the other “celebrity” film composers. Extremely reliable machines, but the prices are pretty steep. If you don’t “get along” much with computers, the extra expense is probably worth it. If you know what you’re doing, however, you can build an equally-awesome system by yourself for a fraction of that. I build all my computers by myself. Not only because it’s considerably cheaper, but I actually have fun doing it. And yeah, I’m a professional composer, not an IT guy… This isn’t rocket science.

Windows for music
Linux for everything else (and that’s about 90% of the time)

So as I live in Scotland AND use a Mac I should either move to another country and buy a PC, or switch to another DAW :wink:

if you feel the need to :confused:

Have used a PC since Cubase 1.5, but just bought a MacBook Pro 15" Retina w 16GB RAM and i7 and am going to attempt to use it for recording. Have never used same disk for recording and system so this will be interesting

PC all the way!
I like performance and freedom.

Best Regards

Interesting that in this, and the previous poll, about a third of Cubase users use a Mac. Not very scientific but it does show that Mac users represent a significant source of income for Steinberg. I’ve personally got nothing against Wndows and am glad to have the choice.

Yeah, but also a significantly decreasing one. A decade ago, mac users represented BY FAR the vast majority of Steinberg’s customers, yours truly included.