Arg! Windows is making me crazy with graphics issues and N7.

First off, I’m not running NVIDIA cards on my Nuendo and Cubase systems, but a recent discovery prompts me to offer an idea.
Now, while I haven’t been experiencing any clicks or other artifacts, that annoying disk meter was constantly showing overload status. That is, until I got specific with the Media Bay and eliminated any extraneous search locations, limiting it only to specific drives and folders where any of the elements catalogued by the Media Bay reside: Projects, Samples, MIDI Loops, Audio Files, etc. I also set it to only scan while it was open, not in the background. Long story short, no more disk spike indicator’s constant presence, and snappier operation of Nuendo and Cubase overall, including quicker opening and exiting the programs.
Anyway, just offering this up as perhaps a part of the troubleshooting/streamlining process in the latest versions in the hope that it may help you.