Argh! How did I do this? Auto Filename Numbering

I’ve recently had to reinstall Windows (7) on my PC here at work, due to a series of cockups with varied responsibilities.

One thing I had set up in Cubase which I CAN NOT remember how I set up, was that when I exported audio, it would automatically rename the numerical part with each subsequent export.

So, let’s say I name a file SOUND_EFFECT_01 and export a small chunk of the project, when I open the export window, this will have changed to SOUND_EFFECT_02 ready for me to export the next bit, then SOUND_EFFECT_03 and so on and so on.

I should add I did NOT appear to achieve this by using the ‘Counter’ settings under the naming scheme options - that just adds a _0x to the end of what I enter into the name field, always starting at 01. In my case, I could enter, say _03 into the name field itself, and next time I open the export window it will have automatically changed to _04 ready for my next export.

How did I manage to do this? And how do I do it again!?!

In case anyone is interested:

Drop down at the right of the name field - ‘Auto Update Name’.

Very useful!

Cool, I always wondered how to do that! Can you also get the name in the format’s information field to change? I always find I jhave to manually edit that.