Arghhh E-licenser

Dear fine people at Dorico - I understand that the E licenser is a Steinberg-wide protocol, but seriously, can I please get the time of my life back that I’ve wasted restarting restarting restarting Dorico in the hopes that it will boot correctly? And before you ask, yes I’ve moved the dongle from USB port to USB port, run and rerun the licenser control software etc etc.

Wading through multiple “Failed to get info” screens and then to get this at the end:

Sometimes Dorico seems to think that it is Dorico SE.

Please please liberate us from this outdated and not fit-for=purpose waste of time.

yours in hope,


I had the eLicenser freeze my Mac, today. It was not for Dorico, but for VSL software. However, I have sometimes issues also when running Dorico.

I can’t understand why the brilliant software engineers at Steinberg can’t fix the issues with this technology, after so many reports of problems with it.


I haven’t had a single eLicenser issue with Dorico on Windows (it just always works, period) but a colleague that I am giving Dorico lessons to on a Mac is having this same issue. They have said that they are coming out with a new eLicenser version soon that will hopefully rectify those issues.