Aria - Mix in Progress

Hi everyone,
I would like your opinion, advice, criticism, etc … on this my self production with which I am beginning to enter the world of home recording and mix.
The song is still incomplete because all the guitar solos scattered here and there are missing (I play the guitar but this song requires a capacity that I do not have).
The sung and the spoken are made by me ( :ugeek: ).
I already know that it is full of flaws and I would first like to hear your opinions to see if they coincide with mine, they are approached or they are completely different.
The mix was made after rendering the vst tracks in place, the daw is Cubase 8 Artist, the guitars are all real, the rest are vst, EQ’s and some of compressions are made with Steinberg plugins.

Thank you all.

Great composition skills, loved the instrumental intro. To me the track could use maximization on the main bus, with a multiband compressor + limiter.

Hi Aria,

I love Progressive Rock, and would love to put on some guitar solos (or parts/riffs) if you are interested (for free off course) :slight_smile:

A part from that I like you soundscape a lot on this tune :smiley:


Nice work. Progressive is still one of my favorite styles and you captured it nicely.

Thank you Nathan, i appreciate your opinion. The mix will be completed after recording the guitar solos then i’ll try a mastering with your suggestions.

Hi Tor, whatever you want to put in this composition is welcome.
I’ll send you a private message.

Thank you very much.