Aria (VST 3) in Dorico 4

I’ve just upgraded to Dorico 4 Pro and am struggling to get my VSTs that run in aria to load. Ive updated the Aria player to the universal binary version (I’m on a silicon Mac), but I still can’t get it to load. Moreover, I don’t see the functionality to whitelist that existed in previous versions. Any suggestions?
Many thanks

Is ARIA VST2 or VST3? On Apple silicon VST2 is depreciated. If you desperately need it then you have to run Dorico in Rosetta mode. VST3 plugs on the other hand shall always work and get picked up automatically unless the scanner at startup detects a problem with particular ones. If in doubt, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

I believe there is an Apple Silicon native VST3 build of Aria out there.

Here’s a link to it on the MakeMusic Zen Desk system.
ARIA Player version 2.001 (Apple Silicon Native) – MakeMusic Help Center (

The version that Brian linked to should work with no additional setup. Just re-launch Dorico, and the VST should be in the drop-down list in Play mode (under “Garritan”).

Thanks all. That’s the version I’d installed. However, after uninstalling Dorico, and Aria, and reinstalling it worked. Perhaps the upgrade for Aria didn’t run properly/completely, the first time. Thanks again