ARM and licenser

I work on a Surface pro X ARM Dorico works fine on it.
Problem is: it doesn’t seem to read the USB e-lisencer. Do all my other programs does not work. Any suggestions?

You didn’t mention what release of Dorico you are using.

So if Dorico works ok, what is your concrete problem with the USB eLicenser? What error do you get?

Dorico 4 and above don’t use USB dongles at all. Steinberg has moved away from the eLCC to a new licensing scheme.

The USB does not show up in the controller ir i “My Computer”
Other USB-sticks are ok, but not the USB-licemnser

I have other pps that need the Usb-LICENSER. Nuendo, lots of instrument
s, iconoca etc…

As far as I know it’s not a ‘USB stick’ in the sense of available disk storage. It’s custom hardware that uses the USB interface, so it won’t mount as a drive. That is normal. As to why yours does not work, being hardware, it may have failed.

I thought Nuendo is on the new scheme? No?

Maybe he is using an older version of Nuendo. But I think iconica is only on the new scheme.

As @Andro already said, the USB eLicenser does not show up as a drive or something like that, you won’t see it in “My Computer”.

You need the eLicenser Control Center to see what is stored on the USB eLicenser.

Now you also mention Nuendo, so it seems you have other products licensed. What releases of what product do you have licenses for, you still haven’t said that.

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