ARM-based Windows build?

Hi there,

I’m just curious with the Snapdragon 8cx chip coming out soon (e.g., and possibly an ARM-based Surface ( waiting to be released, it seems that 2020 might become interesting for ARM-based Windows. Is there any plan to release an ARM-Windows build of Dorico? I think this looks like a really interesting option to have an always-connected laptop running notation software with a lot of extended battery life and without cooling problems / fan noise.


Wait for other software vendors to demonstrate that it doesn’t live up to the marketing hype first, IMO.

“Running Dorico” won’t be much use to people until everybody’s favourite VST instruments will run as well, and that’s going to be a long list of favourites from a long list of vendors.

Not to mention Cubase…

BTW what exactly is “interesting” about being able to run notation software on an always-on machine? Actually I’m already doing that. It’s a 20th-century idea called a “desktop” :wink:

Actually, the VST availability issue would probably kill the idea stone dead.

Steinberg doesn’t support VST2 any more, so there will be no ARM based VST2 SDK. The internet is full of VST2 plugins that still being used, but nobody has any interest in converting them to VST3, let alone to VST3 on a new hardware platform that they would have to buy to debug the conversion.

If this chip is so good, maybe Apple should bring out a new proprietary incompatible product that uses it. That would fit their global strategy pretty well :slight_smile:

MS already tried this with Windows RT. It was a bomb