ARM+Licensing for more advanced products (Halion, Groove Agent) not only for SE versions

Hello to Steinberg and Nuendo users,

I am trying to switch myself fully to ARM architecture (despite other things - battery and performance).

Nuendo 12 and my favourite plugins finally works as expected (SoundToys “working” on it, Eventide works, FabFilter works etc.) what I see as sad step for Steinberg is lack of support for ARM and new licensing for following products:

  • Halion 6
  • Groove agent 5

Both are already included as SE for installation, it does not make sense IMHO to have ability to run Halion SE but not full Halion 6.

What I was surprised was nativity of SpectralLayers PRO, unfortunately you still need dongle, but it works natively on ARM.

IMHO Steinberg should take some time to properly move those plugins to ARM and more importantly new licensing scheme also. In my experience Vienna (VSL) move to iLok licensing looks more “professionally/seamlessly executed” (of course they was in different position with less codebase).

I am not trying say that Steinberg do something wrong here, I as Architect can imagine how complex should be move all codebases to new architecture and licensing scheme. I can bet that moving to new licence is not so hard in term codebase but from point of “migration”.

Or am I missing something?


it has been stated before, that all currently supported products (software & sound libraries) will be migrated to the new licensing system. Most of the software products will probably get there with the next major release, but we will see. That requires various aditional efforts , so this will happen probably in a staggered release plan - not everything at once in a bulk. We already got Dorico, Cubase and Nuendo, I read something about plans for WaveLab, and SL, HAL and GA will probably follow in a certain order. I wouldn’t worry, that SB is planning and already working on that. Just a bit of patience is called for to get there with the whole product portfolio.

(Disclaimer: I’m a Windows guy, so Mac/ARM support is of no concequence for me. But the new Licensing mechanism has some impact of course.)


Thanks @MixMike for feedback, my “complain” was (but probably burden under too many words) that some apps migration should be executed/planed more wisely and it is at least unfortunate that you can run Halion Sonic SE but not cannot Halion 6 or Groove Agent 5 SE but not cannot Groove Agent 5.

Again, I am glad that Nuendo 12 is fully ARM compatible (but sometimes freeze but overal very native) and has new licence model without need for dongle (I am looking forward to off-line authorization).