Armed midi/kontakt - glitch

Any idea as to why Kontakt (a heavy instance Abbey Rd Drums or Cine Classic Upright Pianos) suddenly starts glitching when I select/arm the midi track? When it is disarmed it no longer glitches!?! Is there a way around this or is it just me with this odd issue?


When the track is Record Enabled, the sounds is processed in the real-time (without ASIO-Guard). Try to increase Buffer-Size.

This is not the answer. As I said, when the track is NOT ARMED it does not spike.

What Martin is saying is that when the track is not armed ASIO-Guard is ON
But when you arm the track that turns ASIO-Guard OFF

When ASIO-Guard is off increasing the buffersize should improve the performance.

I see. Is there a setting to keep Asio-guard on at all times or a tweak to make it smoother when armed?
It could also be an issue with Midiman or RME drivers perhaps…?

Asio-Guard is running your whole project at a ‘virtual’ higher buffer size. When a track is armed it disables Asio-Guard for this track only, to reduce live latency. If you are getting crackles and pops at this point then you are running at too low a buffer size for your system to handle live processing of the Vsti you have armed. You can switch off Asio guard in the ‘Studio Setup’ panel, but it’s unlikely to help.

I would raise your buffer size, or if you’re running heavy plugins on that instance of Kontakt or anywhere else in it’s chain (groups, master bus) then turn them off. The PDC button does this for you. I’d suggesting reading up on Asio guard and what its actually doing. You may also want to look into optimising Kontakt for Cubase with your particular OS if you haven’t already.