Arp Sustain Question

I am a little confused about using sustain during an arpeggio. I will use the “Happy Nylon Picking” program. If I edit the LAYER and turn on the FlexPhraser and hold down a chord, the picked notes on the guitar are SUSTAINED, as they should be. If I activate the USER mode on the Flex Phraser I can’t get the individual picked notes to sustain (i.e. the note stops when the next one is played). I have tried using a controller lane and setting it to CC64 but that doesn’t work. If I push the sustain pedal on the keyboard, the CHORD is sustained (in other words I can take my fingers off the keys and the arpeggio continues) but the individual notes are still not sustained. It seems like there should be a way to sustain the notes throughout the arpeggio AT THE LAYER LEVEL

Now, if I edit the PROGRAM FlexPhraser in the user mode, I can get the individual notes to sustain with the sustain pedal, or CC64 in the controller lane. Of course, using the FlexPhraser at the Program level will affect ALL the layers, which might not be what one wants to achieve.

So, does anyone see a way to get the individual notes of the USER FlexPhraser to sustain at the LAYER level?