Arpache 5 strange behaviour

Hey everyone, this is what i discovered and i can not seem to figure out why.

  1. i set up a midi instrument track with Prologue and select Badbass patch.
  2. make the midi part 4.2.1 in length and the tempo to 48.00.
  3. edit in a C maj cord (all notes start at the same time and end at the same time) on the midi instrument track.
  4. add Arpache5 to the midi inserts on the midi instrument track.
  5. This is how i have for Arpache5 setup— Play Order: User…Step Size: 1/4…Length: 1/4…Key Range: 12
  6. the play order is: 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
    Now should it just keep repeating? Because when i get to the end of the fourth group of 1 2 3 it adds a 2 3 and then starts over from the beginning. I came across this by accident. try it for yourself. maybe i am doing something wrong.

Anyway thanks for reading.

Aloha m,

I have never ever ever ever ever ever ever

been able to get Prologue (along with Mystic and Spector) to act/behave consistently.

To me any test/experiment involving those plugs is suspect right from the ‘git go’.

Is it possible to use another Steiny plug for your Arpache example?


Thanks for the reply. i have used HSSE and also Retrologue and it does the same thing. it is an odd behaviour.

Thanks again