Arpache Bug? "Garbled Non-sense"

Hi guys, every time I use Arpache, there is this weird bug.

It goes like this…

If play a chord live, it sounds all garbled and non-sense. Like someone smashing the keyboard really fast and incoherently on the particular notes. Nothing in time.

But if I record in some notes and playback via the transport control. It seems to work fine.

Is there a way to fix this. I can’t imagine that this is normal. Or was Arpache just forgotten about.

I’ve found inconsistencies and bugs like that with Chord Pads and MIDI Pattern based Arps too. What i record live sounds different to what plays back, and vice versa - I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s annoying.

Is it the original Arpache effect that you’re using, or Arpache SX? If it’s SX, Are you using MIDI Sequences or the ‘Classic’ simple arp mode?

I only see issues with patterns/sequences, so if it’s in the Classic mode you’re seeing something i’ve not experienced personally.

Both Arpache, Arpache SX in sequence and classic.

Just trying to do a simple basic trance arp is aggravating.

Any suggestions on alternatives. Decent MIDI Arp VST?

BlueARP is great and free, however as it’s not a MIDI Effects plugin you have to add it on a VST Instrument track and then route the output of that track to the instrument that you want the arp to be heard.

I’m more worried that you’re getting issues on basic Arpache presets, i’ve never seen that happen an it’s usually pretty solid in those occasions for me.

Have you tried enabling the write mode on the MIDI Effects slots? I forget what it’s called now, but you toggle the control and it will save the arpeggiated data into the timeline when you record, so you may be able to work out what’s going on looking at that data?

Edit: here it is, this button:-

Record some of the garbled Arp and take a screenshot of the MIDI Data recorded if you can, be interesting to see what’s being generated.

nah, its just garble from the get go. But, only happens playing live. Not when chords are already input into the piano roll.