Arpache MIDI insert - rendered audio question


I apologize if this is already on the thread and I couldn’t find it.

My setup: Cubase 6.5 (64-bit) - Windows 7 64-bit, a firm understanding of the basics in Cubase, but far from a master.

I am using “Instrument” tracks for this particular song. I have Arpache as a MIDI Insert on a track. When played in Cubase the audio output sounds exactly how I want it (meaning the Arpache is appregiating(?) the notes the way I want, and it is triggering the instrument correctly). However, when I export out audio (either that track or entire song), the rendered audio for that track with Arpache insert on it does not sound at all the same. It’s as if the Arpache is not working (correctly or at all) during audio export.

Is there something basic that I am missing about how to apply MIDI Insert and then export audio out for that track?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Do you use online (realtime) or offline (non-realtime) export? Try to use other one.


You could use the function Midi > Merge Midi (or so… Sorry I’m using
Cubase in german - it’s called “Midi Parameter festsetzen” there) to get the Midi Notes that Arpache is causing as Midi
Events. Just select the track that has arpache in the insert slot and use the function.
Then turn off arpache and try it again.

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Thanks very much!

I completely forgot about real-time exporting :blush:; it was necessary.

Also No1DaBeats thanks for the tip. Very helpful and great for tweaking the notes after appregiator.